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Details The-Cost-of-Free-Speech-Pornography-Hate-Speech-and-their-Challenge-to-Liberalism

The Cost of Free Speech The distinctly contemporary proliferation of pornography and hate speech poses a challenge to liberalism's traditional ideal of a 'marketplace of ideas' facilitated by state neutrality about the content of speech. This new ...

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Details Speech-Motor-Control-in-Normal-and-Disordered-Speech

Speaking is one of the most complex skills that humans perform. In our everyday communication, we transfer sentences, concepts, thoughts, and ideas. How though, is the speaker able to convert these into movements of the speech apparatus? These speech ...

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Details Speech-Production-and-Language-In-Honor-of-Osamu-Fujimura-Speech-Research-Band-13

Frontmatter -- Preface -- Contents -- 1. Background -- Speech: a physicist remembers / Schroeder, Manfred R. -- 2. Laryngeal functions in speech -- Male-female difference in anterior commissure angle / Hirano, Minoru / Sato, Kiminori / Yukizane ...

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Details Practical-Speech-Training

Originally published in the 1930s. An effective and scientific way of teaching the nuances of the English language. Contents Include: Good Speech Speech Training Phonetic Symbols Breathing Intonation Words Speech Games Sounds of English Special ...

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Details Speech-Index-An-Index-to-Collections-of-World-Famous-Orations-and-Speeches-for-Various-Occasions

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